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Drivers Briefing for Hockenheim 30.1.2008

Dear RSL GPL drivers,
our first race in 2008 will be our first race in the new
and fantastic 66Mod for GPL.
We will have new experiences with the physics and that needs
some concentration on a few but important issues.

It seems to be a significant higher grip, compared to the 67cars
in low speeds. This enables the drivers to stay on the brakes
much later and longer into the corners.
The brake-balances appear to be better with a bit more front related ratio.
The increased and more authentic slipstream effects will have influence not only on Your topspeeds on long straights. Be aware of the braking manouvres after You had a tow !!! Set Your breakpoints much earlier if You are in a slipstream, otherwise You will hit the car in front of You!
There is no "air-resistance" to slow You down in the vacuum behind
the car You follow. Be aware of surprises on the brakes behind Your
opponents !!! Watch T3 after the long straight before the Motodrom.

The race will be started with maximum engine capacities of 2.7 litres
as it is called by our RSL 66MOD rules the " Division II ".
Drivers choose a "works team" for the whole season and select the car as the actual race is announced.
If there are any doubts, please read again here:

The RSL Hockenheim Grand Prix will be over 35 laps.
The starting procedure is GRAND PRIX wise (standing start) !

Qualification is on Wednesday at 20:30 CET. The drivers have 25 min to set their lap times and 10 min for a warm-up with the race-setup ( no lap time-improvements during the warm-up allowed !).

Start of the race : 21:05 CET (PW is available in the RSL Forum)

Please remember the lenght of the race and dont push too much in the first corners. You need max. concentration in "Nordkurve"(T1) and Ostkurve (T2).
66Mod racing will force You to a clever strategie. We don't have

Nevertheless, in case of trouble, You have a "start-shiftR" that should bring You back to
the race. It is free for any reason in the first race lap.
But this "joker" should not decrease the safty while we are starting
and drivers who use the start shift_R must do a "Stop-And-Go" at their pitboard.
Why at the pitboard ? Because entering and leaving the
pits should also be controled and safe.
If someone thinks it is an advantage to have a fuel-stop-strategie, he also has to refuel his car only in the pits at his pitboard.

Please install our "Save-Pitstop-Patch". http://www.racesimlegends.eu/board/showt...22#pid6222
With this exclusive RSL PAtch You stay in the pits after using shift_R.
Backup Your "minrace.lp" in your Hockenhm track folder and copy
the patched file into the track folder. There are no problems ever reported with this patch.
( For AI races You need to reinstall Your default minrace.lp )

You are invited to our RSL Monday's Practice at 20:30 CET.
Joining the practice session means increasing the safety for the race.

After the start lap You have another single shift_R for the rest of
the race. This race shift_R is without any penalty for the driver.

But remember it is not allowed to repair an exploded engine on the track.
Only if Your engine still runs and can bring You back to the pits,
You can repair it.
Take care of Your engine, just as the real drivers
had to do !
Shift_R in the pits is all ways free.

Remember ! Every driver who has completed 40% of the race laps earnes 1 RSL Dollar as starting-money.

We wish You an exiting race and a successfull start for the

"RSL-GPL-F1-Championship-2008" .

Your RSL-GPL-Team.
28.01.2008 11:19 AM
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